Friday, October 3, 2008

LiFePO4 Thundersky Batteries and a PFC50B Manzanita Micro Charger

I have decided to go ahead and order 45 Thundersky Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries. My plan was to purchase directly from Everspring.Net in China as I was unable to locate a competitive source of Thundersky cells in the U.S. until recently. However, I am currently working with Manzanita Micro and have ordered their amazing PFC50B charger, LT5B Regulators, and they are building me some custom cell under running detection hardware. In addition, they have agreed to provide me with Thundersky cells at a discount which also allows me to avoid the hassle of dealing with importing the batteries through customs.

So far, I highly recommend this company as their chargers appear to be superior to anything else that I have researched. Clarice (sales) and Stephen are extremely helpful in answering my pre-sales questions (Warning: Don't send too many questions to Rich though...he can be a bit grumpy).


Casey said...

Well thats cool. How much are the batteries? I am trying to decide if lead acid is the best choice. any advise?


Kurt Clayson said...

Be prepared to pay 10k to 15k for 50 lithium batteries like the cost of regulators which can cost a few thosand more. However, I believe that the extended range, increased power, and dramatically reduced maintenance over lead acid will be worth the extra cost.