Saturday, July 5, 2008

Conversion Parts List

Over the last couple of years I have been spending a little time doing research on electric vehicle conversions, parts associated, availability and cost of parts, suppliers, etc... Ultimately I decided to go with Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. ( for the bulk of my parts. On the few occasions where I really felt like I needed to talk with EVA I had no problems getting in contact with them. From what I understand EV America has been in the EV business for many years and pride themselves on being available for customers. Many OTHER SUPPLIERS out there were not responsive to my queries or could not deliver in a reasonable amount of time. I will try to maintain this post with all of the parts that I procure throughout this project with supplier info.

Parts ordered from EV America totaling roughly $7800 (Many of these parts will now be used in my other Porsche 914 EV project as I have upgraded some of the components):


1Advanced DC Motor FB1-4001A

(72-144 V) Auxiliary Shaft

11231C-8601 Curtis Controller

(96-144 V) 500 Amp Limit

1Aluminum Plate/ heat sink compound/12v fan

1PB-6 Curtis Potbox

2Albright Contactors SW-200

1Adaptor Plate with Spacers (2)

Manual Transmission - Clutchless

1Motor Coupling (Aluminum)

Manual Transmission - Clutchless

1Motor Mount Assembly


1Quick Charge - OP-144-20

230VAC input 144VDC output 20 amp

1Quick Charge Charger - 144V Select A charge

115VAC 144VDC

48Battery Terminal Protective Covers (Red & Black)

75ft 2/0 Cable - 50 ft Black, 25 ft Red,

702/0 lugs - Magna lug (54 straight + 6 90 degree)

9ft Heat Shrink


180-180 V Voltmeter

10-400 Amp Ammeter

150 mV Shunt


1Vacuum Pump (12V)

1Vacuum Switch

1In-line Fuseholders


1Astrodyne DC-DC Converter (132-370V)

with relay and SB-50 (370V max)

1Littelfuse L25S-400

1Littelfuse holder

1KLK fuse & Holder - HV Control Wiring

1Pair Anderson connectors SBX-350

1Fuseholder (4) - Control Board

1First Inertia Switch - Auto Shutoff (12V Sys)

1Electric Heater Components

(Heater, mount, contactor, Anderson SB-50 connector, fuse)

1Tilt Bed Package - 200 lbs 15 inch stroke

( Gas lifts, hinges, reinforcement, instructions)

14Ft - 1 1/2 inch clear vinyl hose

for 2/0 cable protection

10Insulated Metal Clamps for Vinyl Hose

Parts ordered from Specialty Metals, Inc. (Kent WA) totaling roughly $500:
Battery Racks:
  • 6-10' x 2" x .25" steel flat bar for front bracing and rear U band supports
  • 3-10' x 3" x .25" steel flat bar for rear box center and longitudinal supports
  • 4-10' x 1.5" x .125" steel square tubing for rear battery racks main suports
  • 1-1' x 1' x .25" steel plate for front of middle box bracing to frame
  • 2-10' x 2" x .125" steel angle for engine compartment battery rack
  • 1-10' x 1" x .125" steel square tubing
Parts ordered from Professional Plastics. totaling roughly $520: Battery Boxes and Control Board:
  • 2-8' x 4' x .25" polypropylene (white) for battery box walls
  • 1-8' x 4' x .5" polypropylene (white) for battery box lids and main control board
Parts ordered from POR15. totaling roughly $230: Rust Protection Epoxy:
  • 1 Gallon-CHASSIS COAT (black) chassis paint
  • 1 Gallon-METAL READY for prepping the frame and racks for paint
  • 1 Gallon-MARINE CLEAN for prepping the frame and racks for paint
Parts ordered from totaling roughly $100: Cable Shielding / Identification:
  • 100 feet - 1 Inch 2:1 HST (Orange) for high voltage cable shielding
  • 50 feet - 1 Inch 2:1 HST (Black) for high voltage cable shielding
  • 50 feet - 1 Inch 2:1 HST (Red) for high voltage cable shielding
Parts ordered from Manzanita Micro (Cells from China). totaling roughly $EXPENSIVE:  
Charger / BMS:
  • Charger Product Line, PFC50B
  • Rudman Regulators, MK3X4
  • Copper Cell Interconnect

  • 48 TS-LFP160AHA Thunder Sky LiFePO4 batteries cells
     Nominal Capacity:160AH
     Operating Voltage:2.5V~4.25V
        Parts ordered from TBA. totaling roughly $???:
        Suspension Upgrades:

        • TBA
        Parts ordered from TBA. totaling roughly $???:
        Low Rolling Resistant Tires:

        • TBA
        Parts ordered from Stock Interiors. totaling roughly $500:
        New Interior:

        • 1 - Spray Can Headliner Adhesive Item: 6731
        • 1 - Chevy S-10 Pickup Standard Cab '94-'04 Molded Carpet Item: 392 (Color: 1066-Grey Ultra-Plush Pile with Backing: MassBack)
        • 1 - Chevy S-10 Pickup Standard Cab '94-'03 Headliner Board Item: 7552 (Material: 2126-Sand Grey Headliner Fabric)
        • 1 - Chevrolet S-10 Pickup Standard Cab '94-'04 Floor Mats, Set of 2 - Front Only All models Item: 944 (Color: 1066-Grey Ultra-Plush Pile)

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        I'm starting an 1997 S-10 EV conversion. Which model and where did you get the 12V Brake Vacuum pump?