Thursday, July 24, 2008

Build Session 2 (3.5 hours): Preparing for the engine and transmission removal

My good buddy Jared came over after work and we completed many of the engine removal tasks, including disconnection of many gas engine related components (like the radiator, fuel lines, air intake, etc...). We left the air conditioner and power steering components intact. I plan to use an electric motor to return both units to current functionality although A/C will be a lower priority...I probably won't get A/C working this year.

We removed the hood to give us a little more working room.

Jared yarding out the radiator...won't need that thing anymore. The electric motor won't produce near the amount of heat that an average combustion engine does. (Jared is awesome; he CONTINUALLY puts up with my insane overambitious schedules and ideas and is always willing to help). Thanks J.

I captured several measurements from the transmission to the body of the truck. I will use these measurements later to ensure that my new electric motor is mounted at same angles as the gas engine is now. This should reduce strain and wear on my drive-line etc...

Some of the unneeded gas related parts that we removed tonight...

I'm leaving for vacation soon so I probably won't get to remove the engine for a week or two...the anticipation is getting the better of me. :)

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