Friday, June 5, 2009

Build Session 21 (180 mins): Epoxy Painted Battery Racks and Frame

This weekend Jared, Chad, and I had a productive painting session. In a couple of hours we managed to finish the welding on the rear battery racks. Then we painted the rear battery racks, rear differential, and frame with POR-15 Epoxy paint which should keep them from rusting.

Jared and my welding helmets.
Jared and Chad painting. Chad is a good friend of ours. He just graduated from High School, is an invaluable robotics club member on the team that we mentored and is a skilled machinist. Not bad for a teenager!
Starting from the inside and working our way out...
Remember how many months ago we spent a whole day prepping the frame with scrub brushes and the pressure washer...I think it was about a year ago. Wow, time fly's.
I even painted the frame underneath after laying out plastic on the driveway an taping plastic around the cab.
The epoxy paint goes a long ways and looks great.
It looks amazing!
Chad got some POR-15 epoxy on himself...It should wear off in a few weeks. Sorry Chad. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks like the 4 metal tubes running front to back, may be rising up above where the cross beam on the underside of the truck bed, would sit on the support posts. Or is that an optical illusion?

Kurt Clayson said...

It's just an illusion... They are actually positioned below the bed supports.