Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Battery Box Rack Design

Tonight I planned out most of my battery layout and put together the following materials list.
Upon my request, Bob from EV America was kind enough to provide me with some basic battery rack plans. It looks like I will have to modify them to fit my truck year and the fact that I plan to use 24 batteries instead of 20. However, the plans are a great starting point.

I plan to put in the order tomorrow morning. Yes, this is a little more than I need but I hate running out during a build session and I plan to use the extra on the Porsche racks.

Battery Racks:
  • 6-10' x 2" x .25" steel flat bar for front bracing and rear U band supports
  • 3-10' x 3" x .25" steel flat bar for rear box center and longitudinal supports
  • 4-10' x 1.5" x .125" steel square tubing for rear battery racks main suports
  • 1-1' x 1' x .25" steel plate for front of middle box bracing to frame
  • 2-10' x 2" x .125" steel angle for engine compartment battery rack
  • 1-10' x 1" x .125" steel square tubing
Battery Box:
  • 2-8' x 4' x .25" polypropylene (white) for battery box walls
  • 1-8' x 4' x .5" polypropylene (white) for battery box lids and main control board

These are the batteries that I plan to use. They are supposed to be one of the best deep cycle sealed lead batteries.

I also ordered some POR15 ChassisCoat which is a very high quality resin based paint that I plan to use on my frame and battery racks.

That's it for today...

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