Saturday, August 9, 2008

Build Session 7 (7.5 hours): Filth and Putrescence!

The first thing that I notice when I crawled under this truck, a few weeks ago, was the overwhelming amount of oil and grease accumulation on EVERYTHING! It looks like the lower front engine seal was blown. Based on the amount of filth under this truck I'm guessing that it was using about a quart of oil every two weeks. Seriously...I have had to wash my coveralls almost after every work session and have gone through about 100 pairs of latex gloves (I hate grease under my nails). :)

So...I spent over 7 hours on Saturday with my pressure washer degreasing. It wasn't much fun but was oddly satisfying once I realized that this truck as pure electric will never be this greasy ever again.



After several hours of working alone I decided to speed my progress and ensure a before-end of day completion by initiating the draft and making this task a "family project". Thanks Matt, Reece, and Kenzie! :)


Cody Clayson said...

Makin good progress! Keep it up :)

Shane & Casey said...

Thanks for the detailed updates. Its be great to have such consistent updates on your progress... it makes me feel like I am almost there watching. I am really interested in seeing how your project turns out. Good Luck!