Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Build Session 12 (1 hour): Rear Battery Rack Flat Bar Bending

Work has been busy so I haven't had as much time as I would like complete the battery racks. Now I am leaving for San Diego for a week so don't expect any posts until the 28th or so...

I did get the rear box flat bar cut and bent into shape...My son Reece helped out.

We clamped the flat bar to an old steel skateboard grinding rail that Reece and I made a while back. Then we heated the flat bar with the torch along the bend line.

Then we bent it.

No problem...

A second set of hands makes it even easier.

And here is the finished pieces. I plan to weld them to the rear battery rack support tubes when I get back.

More parts showed up today: Ceramic heater, volt gauge, ammeter gauge, heat shrink, cable lug covers, motor mount

...and the gas shocks & hinges for the lift bed conversion.


CondoVisions said...

Have been following you and your family regarding the S-10 for the past 2 weeks.

Am retiring next year and planning to undertake the conversion of a Ford Ranger to an all-electric vehicle with a solar panel built into the bed cover - located in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Good luck.

"No Pressure; No Diamonds!"

RL said...

Will you be posting your sources for all your parts?

Kurt Clayson said...

Thanks for the comments guys...and the reminder about the source list.

Many of the parts were obtained from EV America
and the rest of the parts were from local sources. At some point when I have determined that I have everything I need, I will post a full source list.