Saturday, August 16, 2008

Build Session 9 (1.5 hours): Rear Forward Battery Rack Support Plates

I didn't have a lot of time tonight but I was determined to fabricate the forward main support plates of the front two battery racks located beneath the bed. These pieces will be used to elevated the front main support tube where the truck frame dips down.

I had planned to used my band saw and metal blade to cut these pieces however the .25 inch carbon steel proved to robust for my patience level.

...and so I broke out the cutting torch.

Yes, I know, its just a little guy...not quite like the large acetylene tanks back on the farm. But it gets the job done just the same and it fits in my suburbia garage dwelling.

I made a cardboard template then cut the pieces out.

I could have weld them in place just as they were but being the perfectionist freak that I am I was determined to grind them until both pieces were perfectly concentric.

Tomorrow I will weld one plate on each side of the frame right behind the cab. Then I'll weld a cross member support tube between them. You'll see...tomorrow.

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